Sunday, 9 November 2014

Today, remembrance

Today, remembrance.
Remembering grandfather, grandmother who lived through the distant news of desolate trenches and no-mans-land. The sepia image of loved ones going over the top and into living or dying hell.
Remembering loved ones who have served in our cleaner hells of war, no less obscene for the errant accuracy of deadly missile seen by satellite.
Remembering being there.
Remembering the expectation of going again.
Remembering schools, hospitals and safe places blown into oblivion.
Remembering the many for whom the memories are still forming in constant fear.
Remembering lives shaped by distrust, pain and loss.

Today remembrance as the blood red field of poppies speaks to our mortality and loss.

Today remembrance.
Bread boken and wine shared in remembrance of one who remembers with us.
Remembering indestructible, universal love.
Remembering the promise and the hope.
Remembering fullness of life.