Saturday, 30 March 2013

The long wait

On the Sabbath, they rested.
On the Sabbath they waited.
They waited to anoint your body.
They waited to bury you properly.
They waited to finish the death.
They waited to begin the mourning.

Today, we have rested.
Today,  we have waited.
We have waited as members of your body.
We have waited to welcome you.
We have waited to finish the death.
We have waited to begin new life.

Stay with us Lord as we wait.
Stay with us through the long night.
Stay with us, light in our darkness.

© Ruth M Gee April 2001

Friday, 29 March 2013

From a Frequent Blogger

Frequent blogger?

The District website announces that I blog frequently.
Evidently I am not managing to do so - or at least the frequency is about 4 times per year.
Why don't I blog?
It isn't because I don't value blogs, I read other people's blogs frequently (in the proper meaning of the word).
It isn't that I don't want to communicate. I do want to and I know that social media is effective, relevant and essential for a serious Christian communicator.
It isn't that I can't write - I do it all the time.

Why don't I blog more often?
Because I am a perfectionist.
I don't like to publish anything that is less than perfect and so blogging feels threatening. I know it will never be perfect. There is always more I can do to improve a post.
I would like to include fantastic photographs, beautiful poetry, and thought-provoking reflections on every occasion.

Perhaps, Good Friday afternoon is the time to recognise that I am not and never will be a perfect blogger - or a perfect human being.

But perhaps I could aim to be a frequent blogger.
Perhaps I could communicate better.
Perhaps I could take the risk.

Shall I press 'publish'?