Saturday, 6 February 2016

Give up or take up.

What shall I give up for Lent this year?
What shall I take up during Lent?
What will I read?
What will I.........

This year I am not giving up or taking up but I am going to try to restore balance. It is always tempting to set targets for the season and usually when I do that, I set myself up for failure.
So this year I am noticing where things are out of balance and aiming to restore it.
For me this means more time to read.
Revisiting my pattern of prayer.
Looking carefully at my diary and priorities.
Ensuring that I spend quality time with family and friends.

All this is likely to mean that I will have to give up some things and take up others and at the end of Lent I hope that I will be in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually as a follower of Jesus.