Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sunset Glory

I couldn't stop to take a photograph, I was driving on a dual carriageway as I returned to Darlington from Teesside. A word picture will have to suffice.

The trees and hedges were silhouetted against the brightness of the sun as were the edges of the dark clouds behind which the sun was setting. It was as if some-one had outlined the clouds in gold and beyond them, invisible to the onlooker was the source of the rays of gold, silver and orange that spread out into the sky.

I couldn't see the sun but it transformed everything. The dark rain clouds were made beautiful, The shape of the trees, not yet in leaf, was stark and clear and more noticeable than usual.

The sun, though unseen was transforming the world. And through the transformation the sun became visible.

Such is the love and grace of God.

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