Saturday, 16 August 2014

Remembering in August

In the week of August 4th people in the UK were remembering the outbreak of World War 1.
In that week I was in Austria and it was very moving to be there while those commemorations were taking place at home.

In this graveyard at the Catholic Church in Gosau I stopped and looked at a memorial. I don't read German but clearly it was for soldiers who had served in the war and are remembered here.

 Later in the week, we visited Salzburg and went to the fortress s.een here at the top of the hill
You can go up the hill the easy way, by funicular or the hard way - we chose.....(for the answer see the end of this blog).
The castle was well worth a visit, the views over the city were spectacular on a hot and sunny day.
 We went into the exhibiton area and there I found 10 rooms dedicated to the military history of the Salzburg Rainer Regiment, one concentrating on the first world war.
There were the uniforms of the Austria-Hungarian army and pictures of soldiers from Salzburg who had dies in brutal conditions in battles on the Italian front at Monte Cimone. Young men being comforted by colleagues and by a chaplain as they died in war.

And the fighting still continues in so many places around the world.
We will remember them.
And we will work for peace.

Yes, we took the hard way up - following others up the hill. This is the last section of the climb.

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