Monday, 19 June 2017

What next Lord? - Lament 2017

What next Lord?
How many more victims?
    Victims of terror
    Victims of neglect
    Victims of greed
    Victims of violence

What next Lord?
How many more grieving?
    Crying children
    Searching parents
    Devastated communities
    Broken bodies

What next Lord?
   Where can we go to hide?
   Where has safety gone?
   Where are the restful waters?
   Where are the quiet havens?

What next Lord?
Lord it is too much already.
    We are tired and numbed
    We cannot give much more
    Even the source of our tears runs dry

What next Lord?

Child, look next to me.
    Drink from my deep wells of compassion
    Bathe wounds with my waters
    Weep with my tears
    Wait in my garden
    Mourn at my tomb
    Look to the dawn.


  1. Thank you Ruth. That is beautiful amidst so much horror, and reminds us of the hope Christ offers a hurting world.